Sunday, July 24, 2011

Massacres in La Vendée

From Nobility:
Although a great number of children were sacrificed, the republicans seem to have made some attempts to save them. The entrepôt was a huge building, used before the revolution as a storehouse for merchandise. During the reign of terror it was turned into a prison, as its proximity to the river adapted it for the noyades*. There, on one occasion, a vast number of Vendean women were confined, many of them with babes at the breast; and it was announced that any women of Nantes who wished to save the children of the Vendeans might be admitted to the entrepôt, and that each might rescue one of the little creatures. A great number of charitable women rushed to the prison; and the Christian mother can alone picture to herself the scene which ensued. (Read entire article.)


lara77 said...

Dear God! The choice given to these poor mothers by such evil people of the republic. France truly reached levels of depravity and evil that I never thought possible in "civilized France." Poor King Louis XVI! How he must have wept for his people and the horrors brought on them by the republic. Everytime I try to read accounts of the Vendee during the reign of terror I find my eyes filling up with tears. It is a horror to read and to ever imagine.

Julygirl said...

Even though this happened in the late 1700's I feel it was a prelude to the 20th Century's ultimate spiral into Atheism.