Friday, July 29, 2011

The Empire of Brazil

What it was and where it went. There is a strong monarchist movement in Brazil so I find the following reflections to be very interesting:
The Emperor was an enlightened ruler, anxious to promote the development of his country, and keenly interested in the scientific and technical developments of his age. This brought him during his incognito visit to Europe in 1871 to visit the sinking of a new colliery a few miles from my home town. As a result it was named in his honour the Dom Pedro with the result that for the next century or so the Emperor of Brazil was commemorated by a coal mine on the outskirts of the small town of Normanton, between Pontefract and Wakefield.

That however is not the limit to my interest in this remarkable ruler, who deserves better recognition, both for what he achieved and for what his empire might have achieved had it not been overthrown. (Read entire blog post.)

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MadMonarchist said...

Alas, one of those monarchs, in my opinion, who was too good for his own good.