Friday, July 15, 2011

Eating Together

There are many benefits to sharing the family meal at the table.
When life gets busy, it can be easy to slip into the rut of eating on the run and neglecting to take time to sit down together. Yet this is something we should be striving to avoid. There are a whole host of benefits that comes with taking the time to eat dinner together, at the table.
It need not be anything fancy. Or require one of you to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. The benefits of eating together are there to be had regardless of the quality of your food. Takeaway pizza shared at the table can be just as beneficial as a home cooked meal. As long as you clear away distractions and make the time to focus on each other, and of course the food. (Read entire article.)

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Julygirl said...

Just make sure the time is not used to berate the children. I know adults with bad memories regarding family dinners.