Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ghosts in Sarah Palin's Book

A review of America by Heart by David Chambers, grandson of Whittaker Chambers, who says:
Her reason for quoting Chambers, Palin states, is that “by reminding us that we are fallible and fallen, families show us in concrete, everyday terms that which is not.”

If reminding us of our own fallibility was her intent in quoting from Witness, Palin should first have read the chapter called “The Story of a Middle Class Family.” Fallibility runs rampant here. Whittaker Chambers’ parents were unhappily married. His paternal grandfather drank. His maternal grandmother went mad, amidst the comforts of home. His father left the comforts of home to explore his bi-sexuality (actually, that tidbit appears in a biography). His brother committed suicide.

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Julygirl said...

Slap a picture of her face on the cover of a book and it will sell. Must be frustrating for serious authors who really can write.