Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The War of Spanish Succession

Philip V and the coming of the Bourbons to Spain. According to Stephanie Mann:
Philip, Duke of Anjou and Petit Fils de France, was born at Versailles on December 19, 1683, the second son of Le Grand Dauphin of the Sun King, Louis XIV, also called Louis. Philips' older brother was Louis Le Petit Dauphin, who would be the father of Louis XV! When poor Charles II of Spain died in 1700, Philip was named as his heir. (I say "poor Charles II" because reports of his disabilities and deformities are rather horrifying.) The prospect of the Bourbon family controlling both the Kingdoms of France and of Spain was too much for the other European powers, including England/Great Britain, and thus began the War of Spanish Succession, which was fought in the North American British colonies as "Queen Anne's War."



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Stephanie A. Mann said...

I mention the deformities and deficiencies of Charles II, the only surviving son of Philip IV--he had trouble speaking, eating, swallowing and was mentally disabled. He certainly had the Hapsburg lip but was disfigured. Reports indicate that he did not learn to walk until he was eight years old. His mother, Mariana of Austria served as his regent. Mariana was Philip IV's second wife and she was also his niece.

Theresa Bruno said...

Poor thing! Its never easy to navigate the world with a disability and being in the public eye never helps.

Rest in Peace Charles II