Sunday, December 5, 2010

HIV: An African View

An interview with Jesuit Father Michael Czerny, founder of the African Jesuit AIDS Network.
The worldwide Church is the major caregiver for those who are HIV positive and those who are suffering from AIDS as well as also caring for those affected -- especially widows, orphans and others who are carrying the burden. So there is a wide range of work that the Church does.

If you look at it medically, perhaps worldwide, the Church offers 25% of AIDS services. My guess is that the average in Africa is closer to 40%, maybe even 50%. The further away you get from the big cities, the closer it gets to 100%. Often the only AIDS services in the remote areas are the Church clinics.


anothertwocents said...

Some people like to disparage the Jesuits for perceived failings, but I have time and time again been profoundly moved to discover Jesuits at those places where the suffering is profound, and few people would even think of wanting to help, be it a European Jesuit priest living with and for lepers in India, the Jesuits who care for these African AIDS patients, Jesuits living with the handicapped in L'Arche communities, and on and on.

Sometimes I think I wished that more people had such failings.

Theresa Bruno said...

"Sometimes I think I wished that more people had such failings."~anothertwocents

I wish I personally had these failings. Instead I'm much to weak to care for those who need it.