Friday, December 31, 2010

The New Year and the Lord of History

Some reflections by George Weigel.
I’d like to think, though, that my longstanding aversion to making a Big Deal out of New Year’s Eve has something to do with my conviction, which is the Church’s conviction, that the real “new year” begins with First Vespers of the First Sunday of Advent. And if that’s true, then going bonkers over the turn of the civil calendar is giving a bit more to Caesar than Caesar has a right to receive.


tubbs said...

I'm going out tonight, briefly, to visit old friends that I haven't seen in ages (we were supposed to get together on the night of the blizzard) I much prefer to stay in on the 31st.
I agree with the author. I'd much prefer to build my year around the church calendar.

Theresa Bruno said...

I agree. Considering that I'm on MST (mommy standard time) partying, staying up until midnight and even making a New Year's resolution that I won't keep, isn't attractive to me.

Tonight, my husband, son and I are going to watch Peter Rabbit and go to bed at a reasonable hour.