Thursday, November 25, 2010

Creating a Police State

How public, physical humiliation is a powerful form of psychological warfare. (Via The Western Confucian) To quote:
The truth is that the government is not fighting wars against terrorists any more.  It is creating, provoking, escalating wars and then using the resistance as the pretext to create a police state capable of conducting a war against its own people.

Of course, it will be so much easier if it can convince the people to surrender their rights willingly, voluntarily, to submit as the cattle that must be their ultimate, inescapable fate.  Public, inescapable, physical humiliation is just one of the ways to condition people to that subservience.

It’s working.


Julygirl said...

Will it stop with just air travel? What about shopping malls, commuter trains, cruise ships, restaurants, hotels....these places have already been put in jeopardy in other countries. "Let the madness begin."

No one has yet mentioned who has ties with the company that manufactures the scanners. Look it up. Millions into the pockets of appointed and elected officials.

The North Coast said...

Our authorities are using the threat of "terrorism" to cow the population and turn this country into a police state; and sadly, we are acquiescing.

All I have to say to those who use the events of 9/11 to justify the cancellation of our constitutional rights is this: The world's governments are the worst murderers. Three thousand killed by the 9/11 hijackers is nothing besides the body count produced by the terrorist thug governments of the world, including our own, which has colluded with some of the world's bloodiest dictatorships to assist in the murders of hundreds of thousands of people. Never mind the tens of millions murdered by Hitler, Stalin, and other government-empowered thugs.

You can shelter yourself from the thugs in your neighborhood, but there is NO shelter from a terrorist government.

elena maria vidal said...

Good point, Julygirl!

N.C., I totally agree with you!