Monday, June 28, 2010

Pornography and the Crisis of Masculinity

What to do about it. (Via Joshua Snyder.) Pornography destroys the possibility of genuine romance. It is as virulent on the spiritual and moral level as the oil spill is on the material level. According to Zenit:
We tell single young men that by engaging in pornography they're giving into profound selfishness, which is undermining their ability to relate in a healthy way to young women..

We tell them case studies of the growing problem of younger men, college students, who are incapable of relating to females. They lack confidence and subsequently have to struggle with anxiety.

Also, pornography use contributes to overreacting in anger as men lose a sense of refinement and true manly confidence in how to relate to a woman. The women they see in pornography don't have feelings, needs and opinions. When the men leave their fantasy world and meet a real woman who does have emotions and opinions, they often don't know how to deal with her, and withdraw due to insecurity or overreact in anger. 


Julygirl said...

Also the slutty dress many young women use to attract male attention is just fuel on the flame, and creates a conundrum within the male psyche.

elena maria vidal said...

Very true!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree. As a gentleman, I for one find what has become common women's dress to-day to be off-putting. I find nothing 'sexy' about a woman casting aside her dignity and grace to get attention from men. It suggests not only that the woman in question is common, but also that she is petty and will pull out all the stops to make herself the centre of attention, however lustful this attention may be and whatever the cost. Furthermore, it leaves nothing to the imagination. It is human nature to desire that which is unattainable; to undertake a challenge. What sort of man is it who is content to chase after a woman who is obviously so readily available? Mystery is attractive, after all. I, for one, find elegantly and conservatively dressed women to be very attractive. Smashing article. I couldn't agree with you more. Cheers.


elena maria vidal said...

Cheers to you, Percival!

Aron said...

In truth, a woman dressed "with all of her goods in the shop window," as the old folks used to say back home, does little for me. Instant turn-off. Naturally, as a guy, I wouldn't advocate a burka-style covering up, but what some women wear today...!! They may as well be walking around totally nude! The other thing that I find so odd is those women who dress so...revealingly..., some react angrily when they receive the very attention that their clothes seem to cry out for. Then there are those who would be better off covering up, but that is another issue...
However, I've always been taught, and tried to follow the rule of acting like a gentleman--regardless of how a woman is dressed. There's little to no excuse for acting like a jerk. <><