Monday, June 7, 2010

Charles X

A brief biographical sketch. I must say that Artois (Charles X) is a fascinating character to have in a novel, since he was much more complicated than people think. Share


Anonymous said...

My dear friend,

I am ashamed to confess that my knowledge of the colorful and complex Artois (post-Revolution) is woefully inadequate. I've just ordered a book on the Bourbons which dedicates quite a large section to him, so hopefully I can get up to snuff ;)

I do think the young Artois was quite dashing and humorous. I enjoyed writing his character in my novel.

Tell me, any plans to make him a central character in one of your future novels?

All the best and thanks again for another interesting post.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I want to write about his romance with Louise de Polastron. Her death led to his conversion.

Leah Marie Brown said...

Ooo...fantastic. I can't wait to hear more.