Friday, February 12, 2010

La Reine Martyre

Lucy explains why Trianon is her favorite novel about Marie-Antoinette, saying:
This book, for me, stands out as the most beautiful, most historically accurate and definitely the most moving of all Marie Antoinette novels I have ever read.

Finally a book that depicts the grande queen as merciful, kind, loving and yes- yes, faithful to her king. Surprised? Well, it has been my experience that it is mostly here in North America that Marie Antoinette is too often maligned (Hollywood doesn't help matters). I don't know if the history was taught that differently- but here in Quebec, a French province of Canada, I learned the positive sides of this grande queen. The same is true for many parts of Europe as well.

In Quebec, which was devoutly Christian for the longest time (more secular as of recently), we have been a bit more biased towards French history. And, who knows, maybe our books were reflective of that. Nevertheless, Marie Antoinette, for us here, is better known as La Reine Martyre (The Martyred Queen). As a matter of fact, when speaking of her, she is automatically referred to as such, rather than by her name.

I'd also like to clarify that in our books, the Fersen name comes up as someone loyal to death for his queen and king...not as the queen's lover. I understand this is debatable for the rest of North America, but if you come here- you'll be in the minority if you think otherwise. I've gotten used to reading books though that portray Marie Antoinette in a negative way (I actually expect it now)- and I'm not so surprised anymore. I'm just incredulous that people will actually think that this is the true context of history- a very misconstrued one.

Political debates regarding the French and English can get very heated in Quebec- often posing this province against the others just for the sake of history... let's just say that 'events of the past, are a thing we don't take lightly. History is very important around here. Same goes for Marie Antoinette- for us- dare not soil her name. Marie Antoinette is known for charity, love, faith and loyalty; a strong Catholic - forever a martyr.

TRIANON, by Elena Maria Vidal, is the perfect read if you want the most reflective story on the Real Marie Antoinette.
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Thank you, Lucy, I am grateful beyond words!



Julygirl said...

It is a puzzlement that Louis XVI and M.A. are so maligned while Bonaparte is held in awe. He alone was responsible for the deaths of millions as well as destruction and devastation across Europe.

Good review, and I totally agree regarding "Trianon".

Lucy said...

Elena, you know how strongly I feel about this subject. There is just too much trash passing as truth out there. Thank you for writing this splendid book. I have a feeling it will always be my favourite on Marie Antoinette:)

elena maria vidal said...

I agree, Julygirl, and yes it is a wonderful commentary!

Thank YOU, Lucy, and I hope TRIANON will always be your favorite novel about the Queen! I hope to have it made into an e-book soon.

lara77 said...

I am so relieved that in Quebec(which flies the true ancient flag of Christian France) Queen Marie Antoinette is so revered. The other day I passed a store that displayed a Marie Antoinette doll with a head that ejects! I was so appalled at this disgusting display. Are Americans so ignorant of history? How sad for us as a nation.