Monday, February 1, 2010

An Interview with Gerard Webster

Last spring while flying across the Pacific Ocean I read Gerard Webster's novel In-sight; while it was the perfect book for a long trip, I would recommend it for ordinary times as well. I was delighted when Mr. Webster sent me the link to an interview which gives more information about the subject matter of the book. Here is an excerpt of the interview:
Like the prodigal son and Nabucodonosor, Ward McNulty represents those many materialistic souls who lose sight of the eternal in pursuit of the temporal. That’s basically what sin is…choosing the creature over the Creator. Worldly accomplishments can blind us to own faults and lead to a false pride. With that kind of pride, it usually takes quite a cannonade of catastrophes to pound down the outer walls. Only then, if ever, can grace penetrate the defenses. “Recovery”—whether for an addict, an alcoholic, or a professional sinner—often begins in just such a manner. Being “humbled” is nothing more than seeing yourself for who and what you really are; honestly admitting your faults. And then seeing God for Who He is. That’s the beginning of change.

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