Friday, May 22, 2009

Young Mary Tudor

It is forgotten, in the light of everything that followed, that the daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon was in her golden youth the most sought after princess in Europe. At one point her father betrothed her to the future Henri II of France, which would have had interesting implications had the marriage ever taken place. But when Mary fell from grace at the time of her parents' separation, she was no longer considered eligible, and Henri married Catherine de Medici instead. The blog Mary Tudor: Renaissance Queen discusses what might have been. Share


Kass said...

Thanks so much for that..I have been giving her much thought of late. First off, thank goodness she didnt marry her first cousin.What a horrible life she had. I have been watching The Tudors, which tales much artistic license, but Mary is in it much this year. and her dignity and beauty is evident. It is unfortunate that she is often remembered for being Bloody Mary.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I think her life is one of the most tragic of all and one which many children of divorce can probably relate to in some measure.

Michelle Therese said...

I've been telling Erlend about the fate of Catholic monarchy and nobility during and post-Reformation. I pointed out to him that there was, basically, a systemetic slaughter of Catholic monarchs and nobility in order to make Europe a Protestant landscape and thus destroy the Holy Roman Empire.

And history has been re-written in order to depict the Catholic Church as the bad guy and the Protestant reformers as having saved the world.

Now look at Christendom. Dying a death. :-( So much for all of that so-called "reform."

Michelle Therese said...

Oops hit send too quick:

Now even the staunch Church of Scotland is taking a nosedive with the appointment of an openly gay minister.

Behold, the fruits of the Reformation and the slaughter of Catholic monarchy and nobility.

Meanwhile people remain anti-Catholic. It totally boggles my mind!

elena maria vidal said...

Those are all great points! thank you!