Friday, May 22, 2009

Pentecost Novena

The Pentecost novena begins today, even for those who did not get to celebrate the Ascension yesterday. Scott Richert provides the prayers here. The Golden Sequence makes a superb novena prayer as well. (Please pray for a young girl who has just been diagnosed with cancer.)

Veni, Sancte Spiritus,        Come, Holy Spirit,
et emitte caelitus send forth the heavenly
lucis tuae radium. radiance of your light.

Veni, pater pauperum, Come, father of the poor,
veni, dator munerum come giver of gifts,
veni, lumen cordium. come, light of the heart.

Consolator optime, Greatest comforter,
dulcis hospes animae, sweet guest of the soul,
dulce refrigerium. sweet consolation.

In labore requies, In labor, rest,
in aestu temperies in heat, temperance,
in fletu solatium. in tears, solace.

O lux beatissima, O most blessed light,
reple cordis intima fill the inmost heart
tuorum fidelium. of your faithful.

Sine tuo numine, Without your divine will,
nihil est in homine, there is nothing in man,
nihil est innoxium. nothing is harmless.

Lava quod est sordidum, Wash that which is unclean,
riga quod est aridum, water that which is dry,
sana quod est saucium. heal that which is wounded.

Flecte quod est rigidum, Bend that which is inflexible,
fove quod est frigidum, warm that which is chilled,
rege quod est devium. make right that which is wrong.

Da tuis fidelibus, Give to your faithful,
in te confidentibus, who rely on you,
sacrum septenarium. the sevenfold gifts.

Da virtutis meritum, Give reward to virtue,
da salutis exitum, give salvation at our passing on,
da perenne gaudium, give eternal joy.
Amen, Alleluia. Amen, Alleluia.


Lucy said...

Thank you for this wonderful blessing Elena. I love this prayer and all of its magnificent power.

elena maria vidal said...

Me, too! Please pray for me!

Lucy said...

Of course, I already do:)

May said...

I will certainly pray for this young girl. Please also pray for a relative of mine, who is dangerously ill.

I just wanted to ask: do you know about the Gerson Therapy? It is a natural, alternative therapy, which was developed decades ago by an Austrian doctor, Max Gerson. It uses organic food, detoxification, juicing, etc. It cured my grandmother when she had cancer.

More information can be found here:

elena maria vidal said...

I have heard of this but did not have any details! Thank you!