Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catholic Writers Conference in August

Registration is in full swing for the Catholic Writers Conference Live!, as described below:
The Catholic Writers Conference Live!, taking place August 5-7, 2009, in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Trade Show and sponsored by the Catholic Writers Guild, provides a unique opportunity for Catholic writers of non-fiction and fiction to learn about improving their craft, sharing their faith in their writing and marketing their work. Panel discussions and presentations covering many topics essential for the professional (or professional-to-be!) writer will be offered along with opportunities to ask questions of major Catholic publishers.

Some of our featured presenters are:

Regina Doman, author/Sophia Press submissions editor (Angel in the Waters)

Sister Maria Grace, Editor, Pauline Books and Media

Mark Brumley , CEO of Ignatius Press (How Not to Share Your Faith),

Susan Brinkmann, Editor, Canticle Magazine

Lisa Wheeler, Executive Vice President of the Maximus Group (PR and marketing firm for The Passion of the Christ)

Matthew Pinto, author/Ascension Press publisher (Do Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons?)

Claudia Volkman, General Manager, Circle Press Publishing

Tom Hoopes, executive editor of the National Catholic Register newspaper and Faith & Family magazine

John Desjarlais, mystery author, (Relics, Bleeder)

Arthur Powers , and award-winning short story author

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Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Posting this is like offering bread to the bakers child ... except that writers sometimes happen to like writing about writing.

Series on writing, English: 1 Verse drama today 2 Scott McCloud - The invisible Art 3 Some Inklings' Children's books' statistics 4 Speaking of right format ... ·|·|· Série sur la bonne écriture, français: 1 En tout art ... 2 Escapisme 3 "repli identitaire" - tenèbres du laïcisme"