Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Calumny in the Blogosphere

Calumny is a serious offense before God. (Catholics seem to be better at it than everyone else.) (Via The Crescat)
Calumny is cheating. It does not play by the rules. It is unsportsmanlike in the extreme, even viciously so. It uses half truths, innuendo, misrepresentation, disregard for context and downright lies, all in the hope that some negative bit of mud, no matter how distorted or absurd, will stick to the person or organization under attack.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a "bookmark" article! Thanks for posting this, very informative!

Oh and thank you for the Halloween article too. I notice your comments are off on that post, so I'm just mentioning it here. You are absolutely right, and I too was never once tempted to dabble in witchcraft by observing the innocent fun. I have had some rounds with the Catholic "puritans" too over the topic. Amazing how calvinism has penetrated the Christian American psyche so completely, including Catholics.

Happy trick or treating with the little one!


elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Gette. I think that so many people have had such terrible experiences in the culture of death, that they react by going to another extreme.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

It seems to me, that priest would consider me guilty of calumny, because, blogging, I argue that psychiatrists are kidnappers, slave-hunters et c, et c, et c.

I am not sure if he has ever thought that maybe psychiatrists are continually guilty of calumny in giving wrong diagnoses along with crimes they consider "treatments".