Thursday, October 30, 2008

All Hallows Eve is Not Pagan

It is Catholic. I have never run into so many Puritans in my life as I have in some recent Halloween debates. I went trick-or-treating all throughout my childhood and I have NEVER, not once, felt tempted to dabble in witchcraft. Not once. It was always fun to dress up and be creative with costumes. The best costume I ever had was when I went to a Halloween pageant as Empress Josephine, in sixth grade. In some ways, in our country, Halloween is the American version of the fancy dress ball. It has some pagan elements but then so does Christmas. Christmas trees come from the Druids.

he Catholic religion has always skillfully united devotion and feast days with wholesome merry-making, something which many Protestant sects are unable to do. Our ancestors were pagan and the Church incorporated many of their customs into our celebration of holidays. If you want to strip every Christian holiday of every single vestige of paganism, then just become a Puritan, and be done with it. There are many genuinely evil and scary things from which our children need to be protected, but dressing up at Halloween is not one of them. Share