Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Will the Latin Mass save civilization?

Charles Coulombe has a brilliant article putting modern liturgical developments into the context of history at large. To quote:

The truth is that the Catholic Church is a bellwether for the health of Western Civilization in general—a sort of canary chanting in the coal mine of culture. On the one hand, events within the Church cast their shadow on the rest of the Christian ecclesial bodies. This author has ventured, for example, into formerly beautiful Anglican and Lutheran churches, only to find them sacked by their clergy in similar manner to the depredations suffered by Catholic parishes in the past four decades. Upon enquiring about the reason for such artistic purging, he has often been told—“oh, because of Vatican II!” While he understands that this a misreading of the Council common in Catholic circles, he has never been able to understand how it could have any relevance to other denominations. Share

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Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is an Anglican Priest, who is in Love with the Church, I mean The Catholic Church. he is a step or two away from becoming a Catholic himself. he is fed up (to my understanding)with the theology which inhabits a Church that allows bishops to be gay, and Bishops who rent out the cathedral for rockstars birthdays.
He wrote me yesterday and told me he is going to start saying mass in latin in his church on weekdays, wearing vestiture from before Vatican II. His church was the site of my own daughter's marriage, where I say a banner to Our Lady prominently displayed. Anad all this in an Anglican communion church. What can one say when this fellow prefers to be more Catholic than Catholic? The problem is thus, many of our young priests do not know Latin any more than they know Spanish, and the older ones grown used to this councilar laziness are unwilling to return to latin. Yet we will have two Masses, to two different groups of people, one anglophone and one Hispanic. Two parishes.
Latin is the unifier.

Deo Vindice
de Brantigny