Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Triumph for Traditionalists

Pat Buchanan on Summorum Pontificorum. To quote:

Churches have closed. Faithful have fallen away, or converted to other faiths. Congregations have dwindled. Convents have emptied out. Vocations are a fraction of what they once were. Belief in the creedal truths of Catholicism is not what it was in the years before Vatican II – the halcyon days of the great pope and future Saint. Pius XII.

One cannot know the effect of Pope Benedict’s decision. But the ferocity with which it was fought suggests some bishops are aware of the power of the old Latin Mass and the appeal of its mystery and solemnity to the young.



Allison said...

May I repost this and the ONE, TRUE post below it on my blog crediting you and those you credit?

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elena maria vidal said...

Of course, Allison, I would be honored! Thank you!