Monday, July 16, 2007

The Real Bastille Day

I am breaking my blogging fast in order to post this excellent article from Taki's blog, about the real Bastille Day. To quote:

"Death to the Austrian woman," the blood-crazed rabble cried, marching through burning streets to demand the murder of a queen – and they got it. Why was Marie Antoinette executed? (Hint: She never said "Let them eat cake" – that urban myth had been invented 100 years before, to defame another foreign Queen of France.) The lovely, brave, devout Marie Antoinette – who as a girl had flirted with the boy Mozart while he played the piano – was caged like an animal for months, watching her maltreated boy, Louis, die slowly of disease. Then she was dragged off to be beheaded. Why? Mainly for being foreign, and having had more wit than her husband, enough to try to resist the collapse of her adopted country into subhuman chaos. Share


Anonymous said...

I recently went to Mt Vernon with my wife. During the tour of the mansion they make a great deal of the friendship between La Fayette, and Washington. Mt Vernon is a Masonic Shrine. Scary. There in Washington's home is a replica key to the bastile along with a print of the destruction of the fortress given to Washington by
la Fayette. La Fayette was in command of the National Guards
that captured the ancient fortess and it's 3(?) prisoners.

The original key is in the museum at the estate.

I do not usually like Taki's articles but today it is a fine job.

Vive le roi! Vive La Reine!
de Brantigny

elena maria vidal said...

I thought it was a particularly goos article, too.