Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Last Queen of Iceland

From Royal Central:
In 1918 the relationship between Denmark and the country Iceland was redefined. Iceland had been part of the realm of Denmark for some time, but on 1 December 1918, Iceland became an independent country, a sovereign state. However, Denmark and Iceland were still bound together by a common monarch; King Christian X became King Kristján X and Queen Alexandrine was known as Queen Alexandría in Iceland. King Kristján was the first and only monarch to rule over Iceland as a sovereign country.

During World War Two, the royal couple were very popular and acted as national symbols. Queen Alexandrine, in particular, was praised for her loyalty to Denmark over her birth country of Germany. It was said of the Queen “Protect our Queen, the only German we would like to keep!”

Sadly, it was not long before Denmark fell under German occupation, which lasted until the end of the war in 1945. The Royal Family remained in Denmark along with the government, though they were under German control, especially after 1943 when the country was under full military occupation. The King and Queen were looked upon as national symbols and symbols of hope during this time. As for Iceland, occupation by England and the USA to protect the country and the German occupation of Denmark meant that it became impossible for the King to govern over both nations and the union began to crumble. Before the war ended, Iceland became a republic in June 1944; King Christian sent a letter of congratulations to his former subjects from his home in Denmark. This meant that Queen Alexandría was the last Queen of Iceland. (Read more.)

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