Saturday, February 24, 2018

Fatherlessness and Violence

From PJ Media:
Yet, despite the growing number of experts, pundits and commentators drawing attention to the impact of fatherlessness on school and community safety, the post-attack discussion inevitably reverts back to gun control. Instead of spending so much as fifteen minutes on fatherlessness we are forced to endure the same salacious headlines, the same provocative tweets, the same tired old memes about the evils of guns as if somehow a cold piece of metal convinced yet another boy to become a mass-murderer. We ignore the lack of adequate mental health services, the failure of law enforcement to effectively intercede, and the sickening impact fatherlessness has on each one of these tragic cases. Why? Because it is easier to ban a hunk of metal than it is to right systemic cultural wrongs. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

So far gun control laws did nothing to keep guns out of the hands of the perpetrators of the mass shootings. In fact the presence of numerous guns have been discovered in the hands of these murderers. So what now...more laws, more legislation? When something does not work does one continue trying to repair it using the same methods?