Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Child Trafficking

More is being revealed about a most pernicious cancer which, like abortion, is eating away at the heart of America. A nation which treats its innocent and helpless little ones in such an infamous manner will not stand for long. I have been hearing about stuff like this for years and years. Trump is finally going to do something about it. From Health Impact News:
In this Buzzsaw interview, filmmaker Sean Stone interviews Tammi Stefano, the Executive Director of The National Safe Child Coalition (NSCC), and exposes much of the corruption happening within Child Protection Services and Family Courts. This might be one of the few interviews currently available on the Internet that gives this much information on the child sex trafficking business that exists in LA County, and across the nation. Tammi Stefano reveals some very shocking information about the child and human trafficking business currently operating in the United States, which is a huge illegal business that brings in more money than the illegal drug trade and illegal arms trade combined.

Tammi Stefano has spent over two decades on front lines fighting for child safety. She understands the emotions of being victimized, having survived a kidnapping in her younger years. Determination was the driving force that prompted her to go undercover to catch a pedophile school teacher. (Read more.)
There is more on this topic from the Free Thought Project [WARNING: Disturbing Content]:
 After President Trump held a press conference last month, in which he detailed his plans to go after the victims of the “human trafficking epidemic,” former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney weighed in on the subject, noting that going after child predators will lead to the downfall of both Republicans and Democrats in the United States — as this problem goes all the way to the top. (Read more.)
Meanwhile, 500 children are missing in Washington, DC in 2017 thus far, according to Anonymous:

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