Sunday, August 28, 2016

Temples of Sedition

From The Vortex:
Hillary Clinton is evil. There is no other way to say the reality. She is evil.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen made the perfect distinction between someone who is bad, and someone who is evil. A bad person does bad things — steals, lies, cheats. An evil person seeks to destroy goodness, virtue, honor, decency, morality and truth. 

That the United States will have an evil person such as her as the next leader is a heart-stopping notion. Obama was the warm-up act to this evil woman. Like goodness, there is a hierarchy to evil as well. Not all evil is equally malicious, just as all good is not equally sublime. And barring an act of God, she will be the next president of the United States. This Luciferian candidate has the Luciferian media backing her nearly completely. And a nation which has given itself over to every Luciferian act imaginable sees no big deal.

For Donald Trump to pull this out at this point would be the greatest comeback in U.S. political history. Look at this map, if you can stomach it. Between the states where Clinton has a commanding lead — meaning more than 20 points — and then the states heavily leaning in her favor — meaning more than 10 points — she already has more than the required 270 electoral college votes to win — 272, to be exact.

And on top of all this, even if she lost Ohio, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, she would still win the White House, because those states are still toss-ups. mostly leaning slightly toward her, but still uncertain.

The point is: She doesn't need to win those states to win the presidency. She is so far down the road with electoral college votes from huge, populous states already in the bag that the reality exists that she has it in the bag before the battle has even begun.

Could things change in some "never before seen in history" kind of way? There's always hope — but we are moving out of the realm at this point of a reasonable hope to a virtually despairing hope. Faithful Catholics have to begin picturing their faith lives under evil Hillary. Trump's almost comical characterization of crooked Hillary doesn't even come close.

This is the woman who declared out loud that religious beliefs were going to have to change — to accommodate her diabolical world view. And she's just the agent of Hell to do it. This is the woman who has said repeatedly that it isn't freedom of religion but only freedom of worshipTo evil Hillary, clusters of faithful Catholics in faithful parishes here and there are temples of sedition, little groups that recognize her for who she is and fight her attempts to destroy goodness and truth and beauty.

Understand, this woman is a tool of Satan. She revels in the blood of innocent children, she accepts awards named after enemies of Christ, like Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of Planned Parenthood. She understands very clearly that the Catholic Church is her enemy because she sets herself up against Our Blessed Lord. (Read more.)

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