Monday, October 22, 2012

The Lady Guide to Modern Manners

On complaining in public. To quote:
It's a shame, because in Britain, for complex reasons, some of them good, we don't do anything like enough complaining – or, should I say, providing honest, constructive feedback. Exhibitionists such as your fellow passenger give complaining a bad name.

With my marvellous grasp of history, I trace it back to the 1980s. The new 'service culture' of that decade swept away the long suffering mentality of the previous decades. Which was all well and good, but a hard-bitten minority who complain about everything and always want money off, or back, had a field day. Now, post banking crisis, it's all rather different. Let's hope businesses will answer back.

If you have to complain, be discreet about it. In restaurants and hotels the conspicuous complainer, however justified, might spoil the enjoyment of others who have no complaint. (Read entire article.)

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julygirl said...

In this age when so many people feel 'intitled', nothing pleases anyone, there is always a complaint about one thing or another. I believe people are trying to project how 'well bred' they are and think this is the way to show pthers that they are used to the best, but it comes over as being just Spoiled Brats.