Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mean Girls

How women have long made life hell for each other, especially at school. What is worse is that now there are few shared standards of appropriate public behavior. 

Christopher Caldwell goes to the heart of the matter, saying: "In place of moralism we have nothing but the will to power and the desire to ostracise – a values system that differs from the old one only in its arbitrariness." Share

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Julygirl said...

This is the kind of bullying that cannot be squelched as easily as male bullying because male bullying comes from asserting male dominance over the other male. This current trend comes from malice and toxic personalities. Of course it is a form or power, same as bullying. In the world our young people inhabit courtesy and refinement are a sign of weakness. It is all part of 'regression to the mean' this society has been experiencing since the mid 1960s. This has escalated as our society becomes more plebeian.