Monday, April 26, 2010

"A Book I Just Couldn't Put Down"

Suzanne of the 4Real Forums Book Club recommends The Night's Dark Shade, saying:
I finished The Night's Dark Shade by Elena Maria Vidal about a month ago and absolutely LOVED IT.   Vidal also wrote Madame Royale and Trianon, which I highly recommend!

Here is the Amazon Link.

This is a book I just couldn't put down and loved every word.   It's the story of a young heroine, Raphaelle....a noblewoman and orphan in the Languedoc region of 13th century France at the height of the heresy of Catharism. She is a faithful Catholic, but discovers her Uncle's castle is actually a Cathar-stronghold.

One month later, I still find myself thinking of Raphaelle. I love how the author gives words to Raphaelle's internal struggles and grapples with her duties and virtue. This is an amazing 13th century-middle-ages, historical novel!

It's also interesting to think about our pro-life issues of abortion, euthanasia, issues back then and how it related to the Church and this heresy.

It's a good one for high school readers....girls and boys alike. Although, maybe the "love story" within would be a bit too "girly" for the boys. But, there are several male-reviewers on Amazon.

Some Follow up Topics and Posts having to do with the book....backgrounds about the battles, sieges, castles, etc.

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Julygirl said...

That is also true of 'Trianon' as well as 'Madame Royale'.