Saturday, October 24, 2015

Young Readers in a Digital World

From Seton Magazine:
Aim to collect some unabridged classics as well as some high quality newer books. You want to make it enticing for your child. If you’re not certain where to begin, seek the advice of a friendly librarian or bookstore owner. You’ll find that most bookworms started becoming so as kids, and they really love to recommend books! Give books as gifts for special occasions. If you write a personal message in the front, they can serve as wonderful mementos about the stages in your child’s life. My kids know to expect at least one book apiece from Mom each Christmas. Put your books in public view also, either on the family bookshelf or one of your own. Make sure to let your child see you reading for enjoyment, and getting excited about books. If you have any treasured books from your own childhood, they make great heirlooms to pass down. (Read more.)

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