Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Protohomosexual

This article has many interesting points. I would not agree that the culture of Courtly Love was all bad since it did inspire a climate of courtesy towards women as well as the code of chivalry, both of which benefited society as a whole. However, there are some scholars who believe that Courtly Love was connected to the Cathar heresy, which exalted same-sex relationships above Christian marriage because the former were infertile; the Cathars believed that bringing new life into the world was a sin. My novel The Night's Dark Shade explores such themes. From Crisis:
Ovid’s tale serves as a warning: Narcissus falls in love with his own image in the water, declines the affection of Echo, and finally dies because love without an-other is sterile and hopeless. Because sexual love is naturally creative, it would be a mistake to expect, like Narcissus, that a lover should reflect oneself. Lovers are bound not by feelings (as the troubadour poets thought) but by the marital bond, to be open to life and to be responsible for one another. Marriage is the social correlate to the biological fact of human fecundity.

The traditional definition of marriage is not rooted in religion and homophobia, but in biology and human nature. Gay “marriage” might work for private ideology, but it does not work for society. Marriage was not established because humans are romantic and enjoy intimacy but because humans reproduce sexually and children need both a father and a mother—to be conceived and reared. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

If the civil authorities want to legalize same-sex marriage, then those of us who oppose it will have to live with it as a law until it can be overturned. However, my question is that churches will be forced into complying with it and not be allowed to exercise their freedom of religious beliefs. What happened to "Separation between Church and State"?

julygirl said...

...and I might add, wasn't the drive to legalize same-sex marriage for the purpose of receiving the spouse's employment benefits as well as having a right to make decisions at the death of a spouse? Now there is the proclamation that "Love Wins!" I thought it was a matter of legal rights. Homosexuals have practiced intimacy and romantic love from the beginning of time.