Friday, July 3, 2015


I never cease to be amused by people who think that by calling me homophobic and invoking the f-word they will somehow force me to reconsider my beliefs. I have been called all kinds of names, including bigot, hater, homophobic, etc and it never had the desired effect. I no longer feel the need to justify my stance to those who use such names as they try to reduce me to a caricature. We each answer to God and His is the only opinion that matters. Share


julygirl said...

Yes.....I can only smile when I am called a bigot for believing marriage is between a man and a woman. Don't people who throw that terminology around realize they themselves are responding as bigots because they are intolerant of MY right to believe as I do? Do they not have the language to respond other than through name-calling?

Unknown said...

This jibe comes from a culture which holds real married couples in contemot and was calling them 'breeders' publically just 15 years ago. My whole life was twisted out of the true because my mother allowed a flamboyantly gay co-worker of my father's to rent a garage apartment & the whole ugly thing which was clear to anyone with eyes was passed.over. The areangeme t ended finally after a number of months - but along with my father's manner of dress and hair stylin from the late '60s thru the '80s I, as his sole som, was emotionally brutalized, with catastrophic results in my own life.

DanJay1983 said...

People that use the word homophobic have it backwards. You would be homophobic if you did NOT speak up. By stating your beliefs boldly and without fear, you are showing that you are not scared of them ;)