Monday, June 2, 2014

Mistakes Men Make

From James Sama:
Holding your standards too high.

We all want the woman (or man) who we’ve drawn a photo of in our mind. The “perfect” partner. We are in a society of replacement. Phone screen broken? Get a new one. Computer running slow? Get a new one. You’ve had that iPad for 6 months? Here’s the next version.

It’s always more, and better. But the reality is, people aren’t consistently updated pieces of equipment, we are real life humans with real life feelings, and nobody is perfect (not even you).

No, you shouldn’t take this as a hint to settle for less than you deserve or enter into a relationship with someone you don’t truly have feelings for – but don’t spend so much energy searching for the “perfect” person, that you miss the person who is perfect for you. Because that’s what really counts. (Read more.)

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