Tuesday, June 3, 2014

College: Is It Worth It?

From Fix the Family:
Let’s slow things down and sit with our kids and give them a realistic perspective of real life and the impact of the decisions they are about to make.  Let’s walk through it with them beyond the 4-year degree and what the next steps are.  Let’s give them the real picture of what day-to-day work life is and the issues of having children while working and the stresses to mothers of dropping their infants off at daycare for total strangers to raise.  Let’s make sure that our sons and daughters realize the impact of this to husbands, wives, and children. Is the high school counselor doing this?  How about the college advisors?  Or are they just painting a rosy picture of how fantastic a career the kids are going to have.  Certainly, some occupations do require a degree. (Read more.)

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