Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ten Habits of Highly Creative People

From BuzzFeed:
Creative people are observers of the world around them. They’ve mastered people-watching, attentive to the smallest of details and usually taking notes along the way. English novelist and poet Thomas Hardy kept a journal with him at all times, in which he recorded notes on things he saw, read, and overheard. Joan Didion has written about her lifelong habit of jotting down overheard snippets of conversation or facts she learns in passing. It goes beyond voyeurism, and it’s as much a record of the writer’s relationship with the world as it is about the world itself. In Didion’s essay “On Keeping a Notebook,” she explains, “We are talking about something private, about bits of the mind’s string too short to use, an indiscriminate and erratic assemblage with meaning only for its maker.” (Read more.)

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