Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vintage Beauty Advice

Tips from The Lady magazine from days of yore. To quote:
"NOTHING adds so much to personal attractions, as a bright, clear complexion and a soft skin. Without them the handsomest and most regular features are but coldly impressive, whilst with them the plainest becomes attractive."

The Lady. Good Complexion and Nice Hands. 16th January, 1890

"THERE is no dull-season in the world-wide desire to be attractive. The style of living to-day, the high pressure at which work and play, together with late hours and rich living all tend to work havoc health and digestion."

The Lady. How to Preserve Beauty and to Improve the Appearance. 18th January, 1900

"FASCINATION springs from the hidden depths of character. It will never be gained by face-posturing before the looking-glass."

The Lady. Gargoyling: A new Art. 10th January, 1907

"BEAUTY herself must have a care with perfume, which to be perfect should be subtle as a charm and clean as lavender."

The Lady. Perfume. 28th January, 1904
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