Friday, March 9, 2012


The Lafayette Society in Fayetteville, NC recently entertained a delegation from France.
A French delegation from Fayetteville's sister city wraps up a weeklong visit with a tour of Fort Bragg today. The three-member delegation from St. Avold, France, watched Saturday's Duke-Carolina game on television, went to a hockey game at the Crown Coliseum and attended a banquet Sunday hosted by the Lafayette Society at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux & Conference Center.

The French entourage participated a public panel discussion Tuesday night at the downtown Headquarters Library on King Louis XVI's role in the American Revolution. Pascal Flaus, a St. Avold historian and archivist touring with the French delegation, talked about how the French king was an unappreciated monarch.

Fayetteville and St. Avold have been sister cities since 1993. The city's relationship with France goes back to 1825 when the Marquis de Lafayette visited his namesake American city. A bronze bust of the French war hero is in City Hall's lobby.(Read entire article.)

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