Tuesday, December 29, 2009


The natural antiseptic. (Via LRC) Share


Brantigny said...

The Native American inmates at this prison unit smoke it during their worship services. It has a pungent odor like another green plant marijuana. They mix it with tobacco for "smudging"

It is nasty stinky stuff in it raw form. Because the I/M can't have tobacco except for native American rituals everyone has suddnely become aware of their Lumbee, Azteca, Cherokee, Haliwa, or Saponi roots.


Anonymous said...

I did not know this abotu sage!! I especially like the idea that a humidfier can be used to sanitize a room with a little of the essence of the herb added to the water! I imagine it would do the same inside the person when it is inhaled. IT has to be so much better for the person than Lysol disinfecting spray--that stuff is not good to breathe in for sure.