Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trianon in September

A collection of photos. Share


lara77 said...

Thank you for the lovely photos; great way to start the day. The chapel in the Petit Trianon is so beautiful in its simplicity. I can see Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in that chapel while at prayer. I am sure even Their Majesties had no idea the horrors that soon would be descending on their country.

Aron said...

I am amazed by the photos...it is sobering to realize that she once walked those halls. It may be the ridiculous romantic in me (shh...don't tell my buddies, lol!), but one sometimes wonders if one could catch echoes of her if conditions are just right. Not a "ghost" of course...merely echoes. I once had the opportunity to see a tapestry from St. Cloud in the Beaverbrook Gallery in N.B...and to briefly touch it, to my friend's consternation. It amazed me to think that Marie may well have used said tapestry herself. So, one may imagine what it would be like to be at Trianon. It's also amazing to realize that that place survive the fury of the revolution. Apologies for babbling...Surely Louis and Marie Antoinette are in the Presence of the Lord now.