Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to Apologize

Here are some wise words of advice for gentlemen on how to apologize, much of which can apply to ladies as well. (Via Serge) A problem that I had as a young person, trying desperately to be humble and fervent, was that I would apologize right and left, even for things that were not necessarily my doing. Once I was working at a dress shop and the manager of the store, an extremely earthy but kind woman, turned to me and said: "Would you stop being so damned sorry!" Later, a priest encouraged me not to apologize unless I was genuinely and directly at fault since it was not healthy, either spiritually or psychologically, to be apologizing all the time. Humility is truth; when we step outside the bounds of truth and reality, then we open the door to many ills. Share

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Matterhorn said...

"Humility is truth." That sums it up perfectly I think! A much-needed reminder.