Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Path to Barbarity

A superb article by my cousin, John Laughland.
Torture and "humanitarian war" are similar in many ways. Both involve the inflicting of violence in order to force a change of behavior. Both are predicated on the assumption of guilt: torture is justified because the victim is said to be a terrorist, or an "illegal combatant" who has committed or is about to commit a terrible crime, while preemptive war is justified because a state is said to be "a rogue state" violating international law (Iraq) or committing crimes against humanity (Yugoslavia). It is therefore no coincidence that the US administration that justifies its wars in the name of claims about humanity and its right to liberty also advocates the use of torture to protect these.

And from Pat Buchanan, some additional reasons why not to vote for Rudy. Share


Anonymous said...

I heard a speaker today say that it is appalling that out country is even involved in a discussion regarding how much torture is considered ok.

elena maria vidal said...

Utterly appalling....