Thursday, November 1, 2007

General Grant's Anti-Semitism

I did not know anything about this, but now I do, thanks to Fr. Jim Tucker. To quote:
We sometimes forget that the Old South was remarkably cosmopolitan for the time and that the Confederacy had Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and Indians among its supporters. I touched on Dixie's forgotten multi-culturalism in this old post.


Anonymous said...

In a wonderful semi-historical novel written by the famous author Stephen Birmingham, who is Jewish, he documents cases of 'Jewish peddlers' walking the whole south in the early 1800's with packs on their backs selling their goods. This was the beginning of enterprising Jews who settled in the South. In a fascinating recent TV series called "The States" there is a section in the presentation on Mississippi about the 'Jews of Mississippi.' Having grown up in Alabama, I do not recall any instances of anti-semitism. There was more tension between the various Christian sects, such as Protestant/Catholic, and Southerners did not like Italians, possibly because of the Catholic connection.

elena maria vidal said...