Friday, September 28, 2018

Meanwhile, in Paris...

 Diamonds are still à la mode. From Forbes:
For gorgeous gothic-esq jewelry, your go-to will be Marie Poniatowski, the founder of Stone Paris. And she knows her stones, namely diamonds. They're her best friend, they're our best friend, let's all be friends. Marie Poniatowski founded Stone Paris in 2004, designing jewelry that echoes her own story. She was born into Polish nobility that dates back to the 15th-century and her father was the director of Vogue Paris, a stylish lineage indeed. Found in her line is Victorian inspired cross jewelry which radiates a regality, and other styles that include understated hoop earrings, delicate ear climbers, ornate pendants and spider web rings that wrap around the finger. Poniatowski's precious stone pieces are very much translated in a today's setting - wear with jeans and a tee as the Parisiennes do, or a LBD for the darker hours. (Read more.)

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