Saturday, September 1, 2018

A History of Deodorant

Everything has its history. From The Irish Examiner:
The ancient Egyptians daubed their armpits with spices and citrus oils, and trimmed underarm hair to reduce the smelly surface area. They were also very fussy about changing their underwear regularly. Tutankhamun was entombed with 145 spare loincloths – quite a supply for his journey into the afterlife. Richer Greeks washed in bathtubs: Archimedes famously jumped out of his, shouting “Eureka”. Poorer folk used wells for washing. Public bathhouses were introduced by the Romans. The entrance charge was cheap enough for all citizens to afford. After a good soaking, they would rake off sweat with a metal scraper and anoint their bodies with oil – jasmine, rose, iris, lavender, violet. The wealthiest men and women took baths in perfume at home, soaked their clothes in it, even perfumed their horses and household pets. (Read more.)

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