Wednesday, October 25, 2017

When Bush Bashes Trump

From Town Hall:
Where to even start? First of all, to portray recent immigration patterns as anywhere similar to the waves of the past is more than disingenuous. It's a pernicious lie. Although the government does a good job of hiding exactly how many illegal immigrants are arrested every year, we do know that 25 percent of Federal prisons are filled with them. The nation's illegal immigrant population contributes 12 percent of all murders, 20 percent of all kidnappings, 16 percent of all drug trafficking, and almost 14 percent of EVERY sentenced criminal. Never mind the tremendous burden on American taxpayers, to the tune of almost $20,000 for every low-skilled immigrant household. If Mr. Bush wants to call that "dynamism" he can, as long as he's got Secret Service protection and lives in a gated community mansion. Bush, as is typical of globalist “free traders,” represents Trump's trade positions as if they aren't in favor of friendly trade with other nations. Free trade is good, Trump insists, as long as it is fair. When it's not, it is ordinary American workers who suffer the awful price of stagnant wages and closed factories. Does anyone with half a brain truly think Trump would have won the Rust Belt echoing Bush's RAND Corporation trade policy? (Read more.)

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