Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Wonders of Essential Oils

From the Trianon Health and Beauty Blog:
Women are under more stress than ever before and stress causes early aging unless healthy measures are taken. My face creams are a natural way of restoring to the skin the vitamins drained out of it by the craziness of modern living. While the creams help, any health and beauty regimen should be accompanied by eating well, taking vitamins, exercise and drinking lots of water.

Although I have long used lavender essential oil as a sleep aid, I only recently discovered that it also has anti-aging properties. Lavender oil as well as the essential oils of frankincense, rose, orange blossom and rose geranium are used in my Trianon Bouquet Beauty Creams.(Read more.)

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Unknown said...

Baby Essential Oils are mild in nature and good for retaining the skin in a busy schedule.