Friday, October 13, 2017

The Morality of the Devil

From Roman Catholic Man:
And so, Liberals/Progressives “perceive” they have the “moral high-ground.” They are not happy unless they look down their noses, pointing out yet another thing they want to remind us deplorable red necks, who cling to our guns and religion, “we just don’t get.” They are snobby elitists who are addicted to prideful superiority … at least their skewed sense of what that looks like. They are obsessed with the “perceived” belief that their understanding of things is “new and improved” and “transcends” what their ancestors knew, because, you know, they believed the earth was flat *wink* *wink*.

Taking the opposing view to God’s view can be called, “The Morality of the Devil.”
  • Women have a right to their body … wait, babies are being killed.
  • Everyone should be free to marry anybody or anything … wait, this will lead to the breakdown of civilization – the family.
  • Sex is natural and people should indulge their carnal desires at any time, even outside of marriage or extra-marital affairs … wait, what about children born out of wedlock or killed through abortion or an epidemic of divorce?
  • Any means to gain power, including deception and corruption, is on the table, because we have the moral high-ground and need to be in power … wait, this will lead to the breakdown of a just government.
  • Any system – in particular, Christianity – that does not allow me the freedom to do whatever I want, should be destroyed … wait, what will keep our country from falling into anarchy and chaos?
The arguments presented by the prosecuting attorney (the devil) and his surrogates are very convincing. These arguments duped Adam and Eve, and they are duping many people today. But, murdering babies, celebrating sodomy, adultery and fornication, corruption and persecution are not the way to “Paradise.” (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

As an example, they use science to establish proof humanity is the cause of global warming, but shun science regarding the biological fact of male and female gender. In their arrogance they have assumed God like power in that they believe they can stop global warming and can cancel out gender......become the Messiahs of truth, correctness and righteousness on earth by wagging their fingers at our deplorable fallen nature.