Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Double Birth and Lonely Death of Hugh Hefner

From Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein:
Most of the angels chose to cooperate with the divine light they were given, and so they turned to God — following the trail of beauty from themselves to their divine source. But some — one-third, according to a traditional interpretation of Revelation 12:4 — chose to rest in their own created beauty. The moment they made that choice, they severed the thread of grace connecting them with their Maker and so cast themselves into the abyss — thereby losing the very spark that fueled their dazzling luster.

When the news broke about Hefner’s chosen resting place, some feminist commentators complained that the Playboy mogul continued to exploit Monroe in his death just as he had done so during his life. Regardless of what one may think of feminists’ agenda (which corresponds with Hefner’s own more than many of them might care to admit), in that respect they were absolutely right. Hefner, like the fallen angels, wanted beauty — but, as he said, on his own “turf and terms.” So he made Monroe his personal creator goddess — her own will and desires be damned. (Read more.)


Just Helen said...

Marilyn deserved(deserves) better.

elena maria vidal said...

She really did. The fact that she had such low self-esteem was because of people like Hefner using and abusing her.

Just Helen said...

That is so true.

I made a joke once that Madonna should write a letter of apology to Marilyn Monroe.