Sunday, October 22, 2017

#MeToo Is Bound To Fail Without Standards

From Ben Shapiro:
Let’s address these problems one by one. First, the standard of wrongdoing. The same Leftist culture that suggests that Vice President Mike Pence is wrong to avoid dinner with women who are not his wife, the same culture that mocks men who shy away from touching women casually at the office as prudish and awkward, the same culture that laughs off former Vice President Joe Biden getting handsy with every woman in a thirty-mile radius — that culture has a rough time drawing lines. Our standard on sexual harassment worthy of comment seems to change over time, with the nature of the harasser. It’s not a bright line; it’s Justice Potter Stewart’s description of pornography: “I know it when I see it.”

That description should lead us to a simple rule: no touching of women without their explicit consent. That’s the rule by which I abide. But that’s not the rule society has established. And we all know that without such a bright line rule, that’s not how human relationships work. How many people are married to people they met at a job? How many people have coupled with people they met at the office? Did those people all ask permission before moving in for a kiss or a hug? How many romantic movies involve the male lead asking the female lead for a kiss, or whether he can hold her hand? Do any? Context matters in every situation, and that means it’s difficult for some men to tell where the lines are. (Read more.)
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julygirl said...

When I worked at a private School the Director did not tolerate the students use of the 'F' word. One of the young male teachers asked why that was a problem and she answered that allowing it would lead to more and more and it is better to stop vulgarity at its core.