Sunday, October 15, 2017

Helping Boys Become Responsible Men

From Homeschool Your Boys:
1. Allow him to compete – Most boys like to compete.  This can be used to your advantage when you’re trying to get him to do his schoolwork.  Unfortunately, most children nowadays are being taught that everyone deserves a trophy… which doesn’t teach them the value of trying to do their best.  Give your son opportunities to compete against others.  Team sports, field days, contests, science fairs… any sort of competition in an area of his choice.  Even competition with siblings can be positive for boys.   Give your son a chance to compete and watch him push himself to excel!

2. Being responsible – Put your son in charge of certain tasks around the house.  Boys benefit from having to complete chores around the house.

3. Exploring their passions – Encourage them to at least give things a try.  If our boys never try anything new, they won’t find out what they’re really passionate about.  My oldest son has decided he’s interested in film directing and editing – so I found a film camp for him to participate in.  I also talked with a family member, who does videography on the side, and have asked him if he can take my son under his wing and show him the ropes from time to time. (Read more.)


Unknown said...

except for 8 i think these apply to girls too.

my parents let me do everything on that list.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, I agree.