Sunday, July 16, 2017

Melinda Gates Has No Clue

From Daily Wire:
Melinda Gates, the wife of billionaire and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, may hail from a Catholic family, but like most Catholics of her era, the post-1960's "Jesus is my pal" types, she has no idea how Catholicism works when it comes to its core teachings on morality.

We know them all: abortion, homosexuality, contraception, and divorce. Catholicism, going all the way back to St. Paul, has equally condemned all of these as morally wrong and has forbidden their practice.

Catholicism has taught this for over 2,000 years because human nature never changes, no matter if we ride around on a horse and chariot or a Lexus convertible. Human beings are the same now as they were back when gladiators impaled each other as adoring crowds cheered them on; the more blood the merrier.

Human nature never changes, which is why child sacrifice went from an extinct institution to being suddenly fashionable again (I'm looking at you, Planned Parenthood).

Despite the overwhelming evidence that the Catholic Church has taught these moral precepts from its inception, Cafeteria "Catholics" and former Catholics like Melinda Gates still hold to the  presumption that the Church will magically change their teaching on these issues because the "times have changed" and the majority demands it. (Read more.)

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