Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Marx's Legacy Is Anti-Intellectualism

We can see the Marxist legacy in those who prefer to call names rather than engage in rational debate. From the Foundation for Economic Education:
You get the idea. Accusation is a convenient substitute for thought....As Ludwig von Mises put it in Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis regarding Marxian interpretations of history and intellectual processes, “The enemy is not refuted: enough to unmask him as a bourgeois.” Mises devotes large chunks of an entire short volume – titled Marxism Unmasked – to the discussion and dissection of Marxian methods, argument, and analysis. Confront one who disagrees. Slander him as a bourgeois or as a mere defender of bourgeois class interests. Use this as a pretext for rejecting his ideas wholesale. Move on to the next step in the revolution, contradicting theory and evidence be damned. (Read more.)